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Prevent Accidents During Crane Operation

Cranes are an essential piece of equipment in many construction and heavy-lifting applications. Due to the nature of these applications, proper implementation and safety measures are a must to avoid any type of accidents and unfortunate events.

The following are a few things that crane operators should look out for.

Electrical hazards

A safe distance between operators and power lines should be kept in order to prevent any electrical contact. Make sure that this distance is marked with tape and signs in order to provide a visual to the crane operator.


This issue usually occurs when the crane operator decides to trust their instinct when it comes to the weight limit of the crane. Load-measuring systems and following safety procedures help prevent overloading.

Falling materials

There’s always a risk of falling materials at any construction site. Mechanical failure, slippage, visual impairment, and incompetence on behalf of the crane operator are all potential causes. It’s important for workers to wear their hardhats and engage in personal safety measures; however, that is often not enough to prevent injury or fatality when a load is dropped.

Paying attention to potential hazards, performing daily inspections and just using common sense will definitely help increase safety at the construction site.

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